Tests have revealed a serious hamstring injury
Unfortunately, fears about a long-term injury turned out to be well-founded...
Foto: Drago Wernig
Our very successful Saturday night was marred by a piece of bad news. During the first half, Marwan Kabha was forced to leave the pitch because of an injury. His reaction indicated we might have to make do without him for a longer period of time.

To find out the full extent of his injury, we have had to wait for a thorough check-up and additional examinations. “The tests have revealed a serious hamstring injury that will keep him off the pitch for approximately 6 weeks,” explained Dr Zmago Krajnc.

Marwan will start therapy immediately and our medical team will try to get him back to playing as soon as possible. In the second half of this month, there will be a 10-day international break and we hope to see Marwin back on the pitch before the end of the busy April schedule that will see us play 7 games, with 3 of them derby matches.