A couple of changes and a different formation brought a deserved victory in Velenje
Foto: Drago Wernig
Match day number 29 and victory number 19 for another huge step towards the League title.

“It was a good and mature performance from the boys. And the result was good as well, which is of the utmost importance at this point. It was one of the crucial victories in the title race,” said Darko Milanič after the game against Rudar.

Apart from collecting the three points, we also managed to keep a clean sheet in a match, in which we made a couple of changes and played in the basic 4-4-2 formation.
“On the morning of the game, there were a few injury concerns and I had to react quickly. It turned out I had made the right decision and the boys did well. The line-up that played in Velenje enables us to play a certain way. We had an extra man going down both flanks and we had no trouble going forward. We looked good out there. Were it not for a few absent players, it would have been harder to play this way. But as soon as someone is missing, we can pull it off.”

Adis Hadžić got the nod to play on the left side.
“What he had to do, he did with confidence. I did not expect or demand from him to play as offensively as Viler. And he took care of his defensive tasks in his own way. He does that well and we can be pleased with his performance.”

The man of the moment was Luka Zahović, who picked up where he had left off a few weeks ago.
“This goal was very important for him and it will do wonders for his confidence. Strikers live to score. And he has scored 15 goals already, which is a tremendous number. Everyone was sorry to see his run come to a halt in the past few weeks. Had that not been the case, our point tally and our lead would be even bigger. We want Luka to become the league’s top scorer. It would mean a lot to him and to the club. He had his chances in the previous matches, but it didn’t work out. His illness from a few weeks back has taken its toll. Without it, it would have been much easier for him and for all of us. But you have to support your players. And since he’s a very skilled and serious player, the support you invest in him pays off at the end of the day.”