Coach’s thoughts on the performance against Celje
Foto: Drago Wernig
The 34th match day brought our fifth league defeat of the season. The first home match after clinching the title was one we will all soon forget.

“We started off well enough, but then we started falling. It was obvious we were playing without any real energy. We are not in good form and the boys who haven’t played much don’t get any help from the others. What all that led to tonight was a match that we could have turned in our favour under different circumstances. In our current state, that’s simply impossible,” said Darko Milaniè after the game against Celje.

During the initial analysis, the coach pointed out the following: “We had a number of promising attacks, but we made poor choices, when it came to finishing. At the beginning, we looked better, but as the game went on, it was obvious we are playing with less and less energy. We did not play as a unit. Each player tried to do something on their own and it didn’t leave a good impression.”

The competitive edge is off after clinching the title.
“I was hoping and saying that it wouldn’t come to that. But sometimes words are not enough. We have found ourselves at a stage with a lot of injuries. We are rotating the squad and giving the players who played less their opportunity. And we are looking for certain answers. All this has resulted in what we’ve been seeing in the last two matches, in which we did not leave a good impression and didn’t play as well as we wanted to.”

The 2016/17 chapter isn’t over yet, however. We’ll have to find the motive for the remaining 180 minutes and bounce back after two defeats.
“It all comes down to us. We must pick the boys with the most energy so that they’ll perform well during the remaining 180 minutes. Nobody should think that just because we’ve already won the title, what is left is just a walk in the park. In the remaining two matches, we’ll have to perform much better than in the previous two.”