Coach on an accurate and convincing performance in Dravograd
Martin Kramarič scored his first goal for Maribor
Foto: Drago Wernig
A convincing victory, an attractive performance, a great atmosphere and the jump to the top of the table. Sunday afternoon in Dravograd offered plenty of positive things. Here is the coach’s take on the fourth matchday.

“The boys scored plenty of goals, played well and were looking for good solutions. We were dangerous right from the kick off. We dominated the game and could have scored more than five, but we must be pleased with our performance.”

Aside from adding three points to our tally, we’ve also added two new names on the team scoresheet with Hotić and Kramarič.
“Pihler scored his second goal, Tavares scored again and the wingers were also very effective. They are very important for our style of play and we are pleased with their performance. As I said before the match, our opponent plays in a very specific way, but our performance was solid and accurate enough.”

This was our fourth consecutive victory and we are now the only team with a perfect record. This also means we now sit alone at the top of the table.
“Whatever the outcome or current standings, we won’t behave any differently than up until now. As always, we’ll have to prepare well for the next match. And this time we’ll have to put in even more work. We know how tough the match against Domžale will be because of their high-pressing game. We’ll have to find different solutions for the upcoming game and we will do everything to extend our undefeated run.”

Monday also saw the addition of a new player. Martin Milec has joined the team in training and will compete for a spot in the line-up. What does the coach think about the newcomer, who he knows well from his first stint at the club?
“Martin is a great player. This is his home. We worked together before and he will be a great addition to the team at the right-back position and maybe in some other role as well. He has gained a lot of experience over the last couple of years that he’s added to those from Maribor, where he has had a lot of success in European competitions. I’m happy to have him on the team and I hope he’ll play in great form,” said Darko Milanič.

Our next match will take place on Friday at 8:20 p.m. when we will host Domžale at Ljudski vrt.