Useful new findings after a cup tie
Foto: Drago Wernig
We marked the end of the international break with a successful start to this season’s cup competition. This was the first of many challenges in the demanding schedule for the next couple of days.

“I believe the victory was well-deserved. We scored three goals and had several chances on top of that. The opponent opened up the game well, which was something we had expected. We wanted to get through this match with as little harm as possible. We needed a match after a ten-day break and we did well,” said the head coach after an interesting experience, where we had two of our players arrive to the match directly from the national team training camp. “I wanted to play Bohar and Bajde so that they would stay in the rhythm. They were determined and on form. I felt they needed to play. We must get our international players back into the rhythm of club matches as soon as possible. That’s our main goal and that’s why they played,” explained Darko Milanič.

The match also marked the return of Dare Vršič. “He showed that he is a player who offers solutions. I’m sure he’ll offer plenty of good ones as the season progresses. This was his first match in months. We’ll do everything in our power to get him back to form and we are certain he will be of great benefit to the team.”

Aleksander Rajčević was the player who thwarted the plans of the home side. His first-half goal was followed by a double strike from Mešanović in the dying moments of the game: “We had to get back into the rhythm after a break. This was a tough match against a highly motivated home team, who was eager to show what they are capable off in front of a big crowd. We played well and won three-nil. I scored two of those three goals, but they were a team effort.” Scoring two goals does wonders to confidence of any forward: “Of course they mean a lot. Goals are important for my confidence and they make me work even harder. I do my best whenever I’m on the pitch and I try to score as many goals as I can. But what counts most is the fact that we have achieved our goal and can now focus on the next match.”

The next match will be played on Friday at 8:20 p.m., when we return to Ljudski vrt, where we fill face Celje in our eighth league match of the season.