The first coach's statement after the match on the Anfield
Foto: Drago Wernig
Darko Milanič: 'This time, we prepared for and tackled the match differently. We tried to offset their exceptional speed and ability to attack by positioning ourselves differently. The lads played the match very well. The difference was in details in the play in attack, which led to their victory. The lads really worked hard, and I would like to praise them for their abundant pugnacity, running, and sacrifices.

In the first half, we played well; for some time, they did not have any solution at all. That’s why we regret them scoring so quickly in the second half. Their leadership took us some energy, which returned with the penalty kick defended by Handanović. It was not enough for a different unravelling of events; anyway, I must praise the lads for fighting well against an opponent of exceptional quality.'