With the coach on the main findings about the perfect Saturday evening in Krško
Aleksander Rajčević found the space and reacted very well. Twice.
Foto: Drago Wernig
As a rule, such matches are the most difficult. Right after the return from a demanding European match as guests, upon the switch from 50,000 to 1,400 spectators. However, the wish was enormous, the purple passion was strongly expressed, and match No. 26 will be remembered as the most efficient of the season to date.

‘The lads were great, they played combinatorically and efficiently from the very start. After these successful introductory minutes, it was easier to continue, we had a lot of space, a more relaxed game and we could have scored a few more times in addition to those five goals,’ the coach commended the flawless execution.

Anyone arriving just a few minutes late to the Matija Gubec Stadium would no longer be able to see all the goals. The agreement, however, was that the team should not have stopped. And it did not.
‘There are many reasons for satisfaction, as the opponent was defenceless and we were extraordinary. We’re glad that we had such an opening. At the same time, we controlled the match and had only a few bad moments throughout. The opportunities lined up and we were convincing in the execution, with many inspirational moves. After such a demanding match as we had on Wednesday, I’m satisfied with the performance and the high victory.’

5 goals, 2 shooters.
‘This is indeed a specialty of Rajčević: he found the space very well and reacted in interruptions. Regarding Tavares, we know how resourceful he is in front of the goalpost. It is our common task for him to overcome this threshold and occupy the first rank of the shooters’ hall of fame. He played a top match and we will work towards him achieving more goals in the future too.’

And another positive finding of the perfect Saturday evening: we could not have made a better step in the two successive derbies...
‘Before the match, we emphasised that it was exceptionally important to us. The lads reacted superbly, the fatigue was not evident. The mentality was right, and so was the execution. The idea to be creative in the midfield, with four midfield players and a quality possession, achieved its purpose,’ Darko Milanič described the story of playing as guests in Krško.