Captain’s message: After so many successes, one match should not spoil the atmosphere.
After so many successes, one match should not spoil the atmosphere.
Foto: Drago Wernig
‘3 mistakes, 3 goals. An unbelievable match that rarely happens and will not repeat itself,’ was the captain’s comment on the first cup derby.

‘We were immediately punished for the first mistake; our concentration fell after such a start and everything then went in the wrong direction. The human factor; such things happen. In addition, the referee did not stop the match when Pihler was flat on the ground. What happened, happened; it is now necessary to keep calm. We will analyse the match with the coach and fix our faults. Despite the delay, the cup duel is not yet determined. We have plenty of experience and we will find the right way back.’

Marcos Tavares is aware that Saturday’s 90 minutes did not change the true purple image. And he is especially aware of the importance of the moment that will follow.
‘Experience also tells us that a new story awaits us immediately. The cup match must be put aside; the only important thing is now the cup derby. We want to win. We want to be champions! Via the cup, we can achieve another opportunity for the Champions League, for the qualification duels next summer. I am convinced that we will be better on Friday, with fewer mistakes, and that we will win.’

The coach has already mentioned that the Stožice defeat will in some way also be of benefit. With the beginning of the new week, the team switched their focus on the new challenge with renewed energy.
‘Of course, we are not happy. A defeat is never pleasant. But because of that inconvenience, we will be even more aggressive and have more energy on Friday. After so many positive matters behind us in this season, one match should not spoil the atmosphere. Not in the dressing room and not among the fans. What counts now is that true purple response.’

Maribor vs Olimpija. Ljudski Vrt, Friday, 20:20.