Coach’s description of the failed Saturday evening
Foto: Drago Wernig
One of the matches where everything goes wrong. It was the match where a team achieves little and almost all of its attempts fail. On the opposite side, the successful use of all opportunities, and the ‘first half’ of the cup quarter-finals went to Olimpija.

‘It is unbelievable to do that much in the attack stage of the match and invest so much energy, without that paying off at all. At the same time, the opponent achieved three goals in their very isolated attacks. There is no doubt that the score at the start significantly changed the course of the match. We became nervous, while they gained energy, i.e. stability in defending themselves,’ the coach described the unsuccessful cup derby.

‘Already prior to the match, they showed their intent to defend themselves and to be steady in the midfield. However, that first match changed everything. Despite our domination, it was then difficult to get through these two blocks. There was no lack of effort; the lads tried everything to achieve more concrete conclusions. Then, in a moment when the opponents again came to an opportunity, an astonishingly non-aggressive response followed and we conceded the second goal. At half-time, we changed the position somewhat, tried to give it more width, and this led us to Bohar’s nice opportunity. Unfortunately, we didn’t score, which would have changed the further course of the match. Instead of us catching up, the third goal happened, which was completely unnecessary.’

At the same time, it made the baseline before the return leg on 29/11 even more difficult.
‘The result is poor and we will have a difficult task ahead; that much is clear. However, considering all that we saw in this duel, we will not give up. Once again all of what can happen in football happened, so we must believe that we can do it.’

Until then, the cup experience must be brushed aside. It is time for another derby. This time with more weight, for the top of the cup standings. And on our ground.
‘Also because of this, it was our goal to provide additional positive energy before the Friday home match. Something completely different happened now, but I believe that this will serve us well. It will encourage us to be convincing in the Friday match and show that we can be more aggressive,’ Darko Milaniè has started redirecting the focus of the team to the peak of the league autumn. Ljudski Vrt, Friday, 20:20.