An emotional and proud captain after his record
ďI come from a Brazilian favela and everything Iíve experienced here means so much to me.Ē
In the press conference after the match, the coach gave the first word to our captain. There’s simply no other way to start the story of Saturday night at Ljudski vrt. Marcos “The Captain” Tavares. #131

“So this is it. I’m very emotional right now and it’s hard to find the right words to describe how I feel. I can only express my gratitude. Jesus showed me the way and the team helped me achieve this record. I would like to congratulate my teammates, the coach, the director, everyone at the club, and all our amazing fans for encouraging me to score,” is how the new record goal-scorer of Slovenian football league summed up his feelings after a historic match.

It was the goal that brought the victory and the record. It simply had to happen in a special way. And as faith would have it, it was scored in front of the south stand... 
“I’m especially happy for that. My son was behind the goal as well. It’s was an amazing experience. We could celebrate together. I cannot forget anything my teammates have done for me. They helped me score all those goals, they celebrated with me after the match. This is an amazing thing. I cannot hide my feelings. I admit that I cried. I come from a Brazilian favela and everything I’ve experienced here means so much to me. I would like to thank everyone, who helped me achieve this record, and everyone, whose blood runs purple. Thank you so much!”

He has scored the most goals in the history of NK Maribor. He’s the all-time leading scorer in the qualifiers for European club competitions. And now, he’s the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Slovenian league as well. What’s his next goal?
“There are plenty more. It’s not over yet. Now I want to score 200 goals in the league. And I want to score my first goal in the Champions League.”

Let’s take a look at the record-breaking match that will go into history books. 2 December 2017: Maribor 2, Gorica 1.
“We started well, had a lot of opportunities and deservedly took the lead. Then, we conceded that unfortunate goal. But we reacted in style. Maribor is an experienced side and we demonstrated that again tonight. We pushed on and went all-in. We worked together, fought together and created chances in order to get that goal in the final stage of the game. We played with a big heart and plenty of motivation, and this always pays off. I can only commend the team. And as for me, the same goes for us: it’s not over yet. It’s time for the next step! This victory was a great confidence boost for Wednesday’s match against Sevilla.”

Passion. Emotion. Pride. Captain, we salute you!