Extension of the cooperation with the coach before the last act of the Champions League
‘We will set to work with even greater enthusiasm than before.’
Foto: Drago Wernig
The last act of the Champions League. A day before the match with Sevilla, there is an important piece of staffing news about the extension of the contract with the championship coach. Darko Milaniè will be on the purple bench until 2021.

Upon coach’s assurance of further steadfastness on the bench, Zlatko Zahoviè, the club’s Sports Director, stated: ‘Today, we have a special opportunity and a great honour to announce the news that our coach has extended his contract until 2021. The preparations for the next Champions League therefore start today.’

Darko Milaniè also welcomed the continuation of the purple project: ‘I would like to thank him for the trust. We agreed on further cooperation easily and quickly. However, we will have to justify the trust shown. I like being here, I enjoy the work, and we will set to work with even greater enthusiasm than before.’

Marcos Tavares in the countdown to the last 90 minutes in the group part: ‘I would also first like to congratulate the coach. I am very pleased to be a player under his leadership. A nice weekend is behind us, and for me, also with a record, but we’re going forward. The objectives never run out; the next one is a successful conclusion of the Champions League. We would like to win another point, perhaps three of them. I also have another desire – to realise the dream of a goal in the Champions League, which I am still missing.’

The coach’s thoughts, of course, are wholly directed towards the next match, the final spectacle of the Champions League in front of full Ljudski Vrt tribunes. ‘We are in impatient anticipation. For us, this is the last match in the group part in front of home fans, and we want to do it with flying colours. Saturday’s victory in the championship has given us a lot of energy that we want to transfer to the pitch in the demanding duel. We have the opportunity to conclude this super autumn in a good way. Our ambitions are very high, they don't restrict our competitiveness, although we can no longer reach the 3rd place in the group. We know with whom we are dealing. Sevilla plays perfectly, but we want to do everything to disable them and prevent them from showing their best image.’

In the announcement of the match, we also expressed our support for the Sevilla’s coach Eduardo Berizzo, who has been recovering from surgery. ‘We sympathise with the coach. Football is only a game, but these are big life matters. When it comes to such a situation, health is the most important. As the next Sevilla’s competitors, we wish our football colleague a successful recovery.’

Maribor vs Sevilla. Ljudski Vrt, Wednesday, 08:45 p.m.