The beginning of the winter preparations with the introductory socialising at the table
Bohar & Rajčević: the purple greeting after one month
Foto: Drago Wernig
Project 2018 has started. Having parted ways on 9 December, the purple warriors are back together since 9 January. After a strenuous autumn, the rest was long enough for the players and members of the professional management to come full of energy to the traditional common dinner with introductory socialising. Hearty greetings, the ‘hearing’ on how they spent their holidays, and then already the switch to the winter preparations, with wishes for success in the spring.

30 players attended the assembly: Handanović, Obradović, Cotman, Irgolič, Rajčević, Šuler, Doumbia, Šme, Uskoković, Bajrami, Viler, Milec, Palčič, Mertelj, Vrhovec, Pihler, Ogrinec, Dervišević, Bohar, Bajde, Vršič, Hotić, Ahmedi, Kramarič, Vokić, Moravac, Tavares, Mešanović, Zahović, Ahmetović.

By agreement, Marwan Kabha and Sunny Omoregie were missing. Kabha will join the team on Saturday, while Sunny will join it on Tuesday. A new face is Kassim Doumbia; compared with the team that was first-placed at the end of the autumn part of the season, Jean-Claude Billong is a new member of Benevento, and Or Inbrom, who already agreed to be lent to Gent, said goodbye to the purple jersey, so the 21-year-old Israeli won’t be a member of our squad in the continuation of the season. Of the juniors that were more often with the senior team, Žan Kolmanič and Adis Hodžić started the winter preparations with the U-19 selection. Luka Štor did not attend the assembly because of illness.

On the first working day, the workout will begin at 11:00 a.m. The initial work activities are envisaged in the domestic environment; then on Monday, the team is moving to Moravske Toplice.