The Winter 2018 preparations in full swing since the first day
Foto: Drago Wernig
The Ljudski Vrt has been in full swing since Wednesday morning. The Day 1 programme of the Winter 2018 preparations included: weighing, blood analysis, common breakfast, meeting in the locker room, and – a workout. Immediately ‘to the full’.

We’re commencing the first story of the new work chapter with the coach. Before the workout, he explained at the massively visited media conference that the preparations for the preparations have been successful. They have gone working without any festive ‘surplus’.

‘Regarding the weighing situation, there were no complications; it was optimal and without any negative surprises. Now we know ourselves very well and are aware that any excess kilogram is annoying. The lads know full well what awaits them regarding the fight for team positions, and they are at a sufficient level not to need us to say anything additionally. The training according to individual programmes was also carried out as required, so that we can immediately start with football. The break was long; according to what we have seen, the lads used it well, and wished for workouts and common work again.’

Which of the players who had problems in the autumn cannot yet begin the preparations with a full load?
‘Three of them. Rajčević is not ready for the maximum efforts after the surgery; I hope that he will be with us in full soon. Šme did many workouts and the doctors have assured that he is healthy, but we will be careful and will give him a bit of “getting ready” in the initial week. A medical prohibition is still pending regarding Zahović; until 26.1., when he will have the next check-up, he is not allowed to participate in duels. He will train with us the entire time, but will not participate in the part that includes contact play.’

The preparations have begun according to the planned programme, now firmly established. Very important is also the preservation of the team, which for now only has a change at the stopper position (Billong–Doumbia).
‘Regarding the load and programme, our way of work will be very similar to the past year. All players started to train on time; the charge is real. We wish to continue where we stopped in autumn. Since we have been together for a long time, the requirements are very familiar to everyone. The lads understand all the matters without much talking, and this is also an opportunity for an upgrade of our work and an attempt to raise some segments to a higher level. It is very important that our composition remains almost unchanged. We know that January is long and unpredictable. Something may happen, but our services, which are responsible for recruitment, are also in full drive, so there is no fear. The team will await the continuation of the championship in the right condition,’ Darko Milanič stated at the relaunch of the violet engines.

We’ll continue tomorrow, with two training sessions already behind us.