The coach on the first victory in the spring part of the season
Dare Vršič has opened the desired route.
Foto: Drago Wernig
We will remember the first guest match in 2018 as a patient but convincing match. With a deserved victory, this time achieved with three hits and greater efficiency.

‘We needed it urgently and achieved it. Completely deservingly. It had to be the right one; we had opportunities in the beginning. We did not immediately score, and the opponent then made scoring a difficult task with good defence. However, this did not affect our concentration on the uneven pitch, as we believed that, with perseverance, we would have got another opportunity, and it was significantly easier after the first score, which we truly needed,’ was the view from the bench on the events in Dravograd.

Everything did not end with just three goals. A few more promising situations mean the confirmation of suitable playing creativity.

‘We can be satisfied regarding the combinatorial play and how quickly we reach the final third of the pitch. Then, we stop too often. We will have to be bolder in the 1:1 play, in dribbling. When you want to do everything with assists, it's harder to get to the goal.’

For a shorter path to the victory, a more accurate shot from the white point was lacking. Darko Milanič on the performance of a penalty kicks in Saturday's match and the future: ‘These are the moments when several factors decide. Certainly, also how someone is feeling. Then there's the decision whether to give the opportunity to succeed to someone who previously did not score. Luka took the ball, showed prowess, but it did not work out. We'll see how to proceed. I believe that we will shake the net with the next penalty kick and I'm not interested in who will hit.’

We have stressed that we want to get on a winning streak. The first step has been taken.
‘We want to keep this morale, the unity in the locker room, which remains intact. The lads already made considerable efforts to win in the previous match. We lacked precision, which we have started to regain. Now, along with the rest, the return of the spectators will be important, with the positive support from the tribunes. We are missing a larger number of occupied seats at the Ljudski Vrt; that makes the play significantly different. When we do not win, it is not easy for us, and at such moments fan support is essential. But when we see the satisfaction on the faces, we get additional confirmation that it is worthwhile.’

Tuesday, 4:00 p.m. Back to the Ljudski Vrt. Maribor v. Domžale.