The coach on these and other turning points of Tuesday’s defeat
Amir Dervišević
Foto: Drago Wernig
A drama with the outcome we did not want. With the result 1–2, that was the first spring and the second league defeat. More on the major findings from the duel with Domžale in the conversation with the coach.

‘I cannot shake off the impression that a match of major mistakes is behind us. Two referees’ mistakes took the match in another direction. It is necessary to emphasise the second hit by the guests and the offence against Mešanović, when the judge should have decided otherwise. On the other hand, the overall assessment should include everything; again, we had many opportunities but used them poorly.’

Regardless of the referees’ influence, the first starting point of the analysis is our performance.
‘Unfortunately, we started the match poorly and passively, and thus conceded a score; as if we needed something to wake us up. We started to move then and took the initiative and created quite a lot of promising situations, but left them unused. This season, it somehow accompanies us at the Ljudski Vrt that we don’t score from very good potential opportunities and are failing to be cold-blooded. It would have been significantly different with some luck, which we currently lack, as the Domžale team saved themselves at the line or in front of the goal line several times. We scored too late, but we did not run out of the morale, since the lads kept up the attack to the very last second. However, we lacked calm and the right decisions taken when one performs well. Our will was extraordinary, as was our desire to achieve a goal, but we made several decisions that we would have not have made if we had achieved a better result in past domestic matches.’

The return in points does not correspond to the events in the introductory four matches, much less the desires, and now it will be important to respond appropriately during the preparations for the second part of the double programme at the domestic pitch this week.
‘It’s clear that we are disappointed after such a match. On the other hand, it’s clear that the locker room wants to continue fighting, and it will fight.’

Next match: Saturday, 17 March
Ljudski Vrt, 6:00 p.m.
Maribor v. Krško.