View from the bench to the desired turning point of the spring part
Foto: Drago Wernig
We did what we wanted to do. The team charm of the Ljudski Vrt is completed, and the first 90 minutes in April brought plenty of reasons to be satisfied.

The coach’s assessment of the interesting Styrian derby: ‘A dynamic match against an opponent with a pace in the play, attacking the depth. We started very well, full of energy, with fun, leadership, and opportunities. It's a pity that we lost this right thread after the achieved score and had to go for the ball in the net. As if we got scared of this quick lead... In the second half we started out well again and then continued even better, with the control of the match. We also saw a few mistakes from both sides, but altogether the impression remained good.’

The view of the stands, with the largest number of viewers at the Ljudski Vrt this spring, brought an additional impetus.
‘We felt great support and had a very good atmosphere. The spectators could get their way and reward good play with applause. I liked that energy in the stands and on the pitch.’

The true team performance was upgraded on the pitch by Luka Zahović with a hat-trick.
‘An excellent achievement. Counting the last preparatory try-out, he scored twice against them in less than two months. Apparently, the Celje team suits him especially well. It’s good that we won, that Luka also scored at home, which he failed before. For an attacker, it is undoubtedly a good sign for the future, and for all of us, as it brings great morale to continue working so enthusiastically and to stay unified. It is especially important that the lads showed this energy, the fight for the club colours, on the pitch, regardless of the intermediate events.’

After breaking the negative trend on the domestic pitch, we are now going into a series of guest matches.
‘We have two matches in the coming week, on Wednesday in Kranj and on Sunday in Nova Gorica. Both are of utmost importance. If we are talking about the desire to make a turnaround, additional words are also superfluous this time. It is necessary to regenerate quickly, to prepare thoroughly and to depart to Kranj with the responsibility to do our best work again. For another three points.’