Victory in Krško has a double meaning
Foto: Drago Wernig
It was one of those times when you simply must. And, because of that, it was also harder and with additional weight on our shoulders. However, our purpose was achieved – we won eight out of ten matches. We are heading towards the derby by winning the last match. It was hard and we lost some nerves along the way in reaching this goal.

What did the coach say about the match in Krško? “Without a doubt, we solved things much better in the recent period. The first half was played a bit worse on our side, the competitor managed to block us successfully. They chased our central midfielders and blocked our side defenders, so it took quite a while for our lads to bring the ball to a desired end. We were not our true selves, we were late in actions but then the second half came and we played better, we reacted faster, hit twice and won.”

We played at a higher pace than our opponents at the end and, in chasing the victory, we once again tried with four strikers.
“When things do not go as planned, different solutions must be prepared. We changed the positions already at the end of the first half and stayed in a rhombus also in the second half. I liked it more. You have to try and believe. We decided to play with four strikers twice before and it worked. Of course, I am sorry we did not score earlier when all the conditions were there. I would be happier to see that we would get a faster closure but not this time, as was seen. We were dealing with an opponent that defended really well.”

We tried to break the resilience of the hosts for quite some time and in the eighty-first minute we succeeded when Amir Dervišević scored from a free kick.
“He plays well, he is confident and he scored an excellent goal. According to his recent playing, the goal was earned. Recently, we have been practising more breaks, not only Dervišević but others as well, and I expect similar goals also in the future.”

And now – the derby. After five matches in two weeks, now the team also has a chance for a short break.
“It was noticeable that we were less efficient in our performance and a bit “heavier” on the field. After this very exhausting rhythm, the players will get an extra day for rest. After that, we will gather-up and start thorough preparation. We have said so many times – let us go ahead game after a game, and now we are at a place where we can finally discuss the derby. We have to fly on the sold-out stadium. We want to play good and win with quality. There is no doubt that we will have outstanding support. The fact that there are no more tickets is clear – and so is our mission. We are going “all-in” on Saturday,” said Darko Milanič enthusiastically about the dramatic spring finals.