The captain talks to us between two back-to-back matches in Ljudski vrt
Foto: Drago Wernig
9 matches, 21 points. After the first quarter of the championship, we won six matches and played three ties, the most recent of which occurred after a quite unusual turn of events where we netted twice our goal.

“We have to stop thinking about this match, but it was really an unusual one. I don't remember ever playing a match like it. It happens sometimes: you're not doing well during a match and you're happy if you manage to score a point. This time around, we played really well, we actually scored all 4 goals, we had incentives, we had possibilities, and yet we still didn't win. Incredible”, says Marcos Tavares about the match against Dom˛ale, the outcome of which did not properly award the players for what they’ve shown on the field.

“It is not easy to be confronted with a situation where the match starts with an own goal in the 18th second, but we responded very well. We fought enthusiastically, we turned the score around, and then the second own goal happened. Such situations are hard to accept, but, as it goes for any other situation as well, that’s football. The positive outcome is that we’ve picked ourselves up after a shocking start and managed to get to a tie in the final stages of the game with one player missing.”

An additional stimulation for the following series of matches is the fact that the captain is back in the saddle. He was absent for 3 weeks; his last match was on September 2 in Kranj.

“What counts the most is that I’m back. My injury is a thing of the past, and it feels good to be back in the field. It is a shame that I didn't get to help by scoring a goal, especially after the header opportunity. After an excellent pass and a header, I believed and felt that the ball was going to end up in the goal. When I saw it wasn't the case, I couldn’t believe it.”

We won't have to wait for long for a new opportunity. Thursday, this time at 6 p.m. Round 10, Maribor – Rudar.

“I see our story as a positive one: we still haven't lost a single match and that is how we wish to continue in the second quarter of the championship. We are moving forward and are truly motivated to continue our series of successes. What didn’t happen on Saturday might happen on Thursday. Let’s go for the win, let’s go Maribor!”