One of the main symbols of the club. Recognizability is a basic element and the will to fight for the club crest is one of the main demands from the supporters. In the case of NK Maribor, the attitude of the players towards the crest is at a desirable level, as all of them are aware of its meaning and respect its rich tradition. The crest of NK Maribor has changed throughout the club's history; previous versions included a third colour (white) and a football on top. When we started the graphic renovation we began with the basics - with the crest. When redesigning it into the current version, we leaned heavily on the tradition that - along with the recognizable colours – had always been our ally. We removed the unnecessary elements, designed a bicoloured purple and yellow crest with the name of the club and, crucially, added the year of its foundation, which up until that point had not been included.

Just mention the colour and you've said it all. The colour purple represents NK Maribor. In the last five decades, the recognizable colours did not change and over the past few years yellow has become the regular choice for the club's away kits. The idea for the primary purple colour of the jersey stems from an idea of the first club captain Oto Blaznik, who once saw Fiorentina play. Because other colours seemed too common and widespread, the founders of NK Maribor wanted something different. So the idea was born: why not play in purple? To realize this idea they dyed white jerseys purple before every match. When the players were sweating or when it rained, they became purple all over their bodies. Their skin soaked up the dye. And soon, the colour got under the skin of the fans as well and for everyone whose heart beats for NK Maribor, today purple represents their favourite colour.




During the hard times the club has faced in recent years, it was crucial to turn to hard work to survive. Changing the mindset, leaning on the club's own players and staff and a different approach towards the club's tradition paved the way for the new motto: One club. One honour. In the times when the club was going through financial rehabilitation and was unable to financially compete with other league clubs, it was important to stress that playing for NK Maribor was a very high honour in itself. The energy from the stands was transferred onto the playing field through the motto and the young players were able to compete successfully with both their domestic and European opponents, while the motto unexpectedly took root in the consciousness of Maribor's fans.

Today, Ljudski vrt roars once more, our hearts burn for Maribor… These lyrics are very catchy, both for the young and not-so-young fans. These lyrics were written with passion and the proof is the fact that the anthem has been used for so long. When the first notes boom from the stadium speakers, even the occasional visitor knows it is time for the anthem of NK Maribor. The band that performed the song was Čudežna polja. The lyrics and the music were written by Gorazd Elvič and the song was arranged by Aljaž Šimek. It was recorded in the Maribor regional studio of the national broadcaster RTV Slovenija and the recording process included 80 Viole members. For the first time, the anthem was performed - as is appropriate - at Ljudski vrt on 16 September 1992, before the famous match against Atletico Madrid.